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Free 100.000 Coins (Limited Gifts)


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This is farmville 2 free coin page. In this page you can get free coins for your game. Now coin is the biggest and most impotent currency in farmville 2. With coin you can do almost everything in farmville 2. you can use coin to buy goods general store which includes seeds, animals, trees, decorations, buildings and much much more. However coins are not needed if you want to send gift to your neighbors. Beside coins you have farm buck, another currency of farmville 2. But you can not earn farm bucks in game. You must buy farm bucks with real world money. farm bucks is mainly used for spiking hard quest or missions.

How to get Coins in game:

There are a lots of way to earn coins in farmville 2 game. you can earn coin by hervesting crops, tree and raiseing animals. Another way is to get coin reward by completing any quest or mission. Also each time player level up they always get free coins. Also player can get coin gifts from friend or from mystery gifts. Player can also collect coins from friend post. Finally you can get free coin from this page bellow. you have to click on the coin image to claim your free coins. Once you have claimed your gifts you will find it in the game. The coins will be added with your current coins.


Click on the images below to obtain them!

Most of the time fbgamecity collects gift from public forum or other website. These are not official gifts from zynga. It can run out in time and other player can beat you by taking early. So i will suggest you to visit this page often so that you can get updated gift. If the gift run out then you can mention the admins for update or you can visit tomorrow. We update these gifts everyday. In bellow you will find some coins image. Just click on that to claim your gift.



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